The Days When You Feel Like Not Doing The Work

The importance of overcoming the resistance on the days when you don’t feel like doing the work

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

When working creatively, there are always days coming when you feel like not doing the work. No matter whether you are writing, drawing, singing, playing, or designing. The days will come when resistance creeps up on you and it feels easier to quick than to keep going. On those days, you have two options: giving in and skipping that day of deliberate practice, or overcoming the inner resistance and still doing the work. The former is the easy way out, the latter requires a large portion of willpower, purpose, and discipline. To me, even though it feels uncomfortable staring at a screen for 15 minutes without getting any words down, this is exactly what the journey of self-expression requires of you. To make it in the creative field, you need to learn to overcome the voice in your body telling you that it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker to skip this day. It’s wrong. To make it, you need to deliberately do the work. Every day. That’s how you improve. That’s how you build your identity. It may not feel worthwhile in the moment, but the only thing one should be concerned about is their trajectory in the long run. That’s why the daily battle against resistance counts. Every day.



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