If it Were Easy, What Would it Look Like?

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

We chase complexity. Why? It allows us to show off our intelligence. It allows us to hide facts in a complicated story. Complexity is easy. Simplicity is hard. Although superficially complexity seems like a bearable burden for our work, it’s not. The true value and contribution lie in simplicity. Tim Ferris talked on a podcast about a great question useful for reflecting on this:

If it were easy, what would it look like?

This question forces us to imagine what the simplest way would look like. For a project, for a product, for a strategy. More often than not, things are easier than we make them. We need to cut through the mist and be clearer. This is a great key to focusing on what matters. Chase simplicity. Make things simpler. And most important, don’t overcomplicate things.



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Louis M. Morgner

Louis M. Morgner


Acta non verba — writing, music, startups. Co-founder @ TeamTap