3 powerful questions for the weekly review

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What is a weekly review?

Although this method is especially useful in teams, many people are also using weekly reviews to structure their personal lives. The advantages you can enjoy with this method as a team also apply to personal growth and other areas of your life that don’t directly relate to your work life.

Why is a weekly review so important?

Advantage #1: Get a better overview of what everyone is working one

Advantage #2: Save time and focus on what matters

Advantage #3: Make reflections part of your work culture

3 powerful questions for your weekly review

Question #1: What was your highlight last week?

What was your highlight last week?

The first question is great to focus on the great results one has achieved in the last week. While understanding what an employee has been working on, you also get a better understanding of what changes have been perceived as positive. Did your team enjoy the last team event? How is everyone feeling about the new product launch? Asking about the highlight helps your team remember why they love working in your team and what great things are happening.

Question #2: What was your lowlight/learning?

What was your lowlight/learning?

While positivity is important to positively reinforce motivation, being critical with one’s self is crucial for growth. This question enables your team members to critically reflect on things that didn’t go as well in the last week. Was there too much workload? Is one step in the process always slowing down everything? This helps you understand better where you can improve as a team and is a great effort in the pursuit of collaborative learning.

Question #3: What do you want to focus on next week?

What do you want to focus on next week?

While reflecting on the last week is important, talking about the future matters as much. The third question for the weekly review is a true winner. As you might know, if you set goals yourself, you are more likely to actually achieve them and put in your best work. That’s why this question is so powerful. As a team leader, you can use the insights from this question to make better decisions in prioritization for the tasks in your team. Further, you might gather great ideas for new projects through this question in the weekly review.

How should you deal with the answers?

At wespond, we use the insights we get from the weekly review to structure our monday morning meeting and talk about the results from last week. We learned that it is still important to have face-to-face meetings and talk about the last week. The weekly review method helped us save time in those meetings because we can focus on discussing important topics and not just reporting about the last week. This has been a huge addition to our workflow in terms of productivity and progress.


The benefits you can enjoy with the methods are an increase sense of clarity and overview on the work of the past week, mindful reflections and more streamlined progress towards your goals.



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